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1-Hour Consultation  |  $175

Have concerns? Want to know more?  Healthy mature trees provide myriad benefits including higher property value.  Know what trees are on your property and how to manage them.


Consultation offerings include:

  • Tree Health Assessments

  • Pest & Disease identification

  • Maintenance Recommendations

  • Planting Recommendations

Tree Reports

Get an arborist report for a permit, or for peace of mind.


Get a report for:

  • Tree Health & Maintenance Recommendations

  • Tree Protection Report (Construction)​

  • Tree Risk Assessments 

  • Tree Inventory

  • Appraisal

Design Services
Landscape Design  |  starting at $650

Plan a native oasis, replace your thirsty lawn, or simply create a more uplifting place to come home to.  Plants add life, harmony, and value to the landscape.  

Design services include:

  • Initial consultation

  • Concept sketch

  • Plan view planting plan

  • Plant list

Need help with trees and plants?  Let's talk >>
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