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Very Impressive Plant (VIP) of the Month ~ Tulip Magnolia

Also known as a saucer magnolia, Magnolia x soulangeana, is one of the earliest bloomers here in the SF Bay Area. This small-stature tree is a wonderful ornamental to add to your garden. It grows in full to part-sun and can reach a mature size of 25' tall x 25' wide, depending on the cultivar and space.

The tulip magnolia is a deciduous tree, losing its leaves in the winter. Its distinctive branch architecture and large buds make it an appealing landscape feature even in winter.

When it comes time to blooming in late February and early March, its flowers range from pale pink to magenta, with a white interior. Prune this tree in late spring after blooming and before new buds have developed to avoid removing buds that will bring flowers next year.

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