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Witchy Plants + Container Plantings

This spooky black and white garden in Oakland features chocolate cosmos, Diablo ninebark, and elegant white roses.

Spooky Season is upon us! Consider adding some of these fun, witchy plants to your Halloween decor.

Featuring: Black Magic elephant ears, Dragon's Blood sedum, and black lotus plant

Wonderfully Witchy Plants:

Heuchera x 'Spellbound' Sedum 'Voodoo'

Heuchera 'Black Pearl' Athyrium 'Ghost'

Sedum 'Dragons Blood' Sedum 'Black Magic' Aeonium 'Zwartkopf' (Black Rose) Aeonium 'Pink Witch'

Black velvet petunias Echeveria 'Dark Moon' Alocasia 'Black Magic' Cosmos atrosanguineus

Delphinium 'Black Eyed Angels' Black Lace Elderberry

Scabiosa atropurpurea 'Black' Lotus jacobaeus

Dizygotheca elegantissima Leucadendron 'Ebony'


With winter rains around the corner, fall is a great time to plant in the garden. This gives plants time to establish before the heat and dry days of summer return. If you'd rather add a little seasonal interest instead, you can make a wicked container display. Make it even more festive by using a cauldron as your container!

When creating a container planting, make sure to include:

  • Thrillers: larger, structural plants in the back

  • Fillers: fluffy, medium size plants for the middle

  • Spillers: plants that spill out, over the edge of the pot

See an example we created here!

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